Our Story

The Hub is located in the heart of the Forest Estate, Englefield Green, where for over ten years a dedicated team of volunteers have provided community activities under the direction of The Journey Church. Despite the building being on its last legs they have still managed to attain ‘The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service’ and continue to provide vital support for many groups in the area including, dance, gardening, after school and bee-keeping clubs, a weekly café, community lunches, weekly worship and many incidental events throughout the year.   

The location of the Hub in Englefield Green

The Project

The Hub needs new facilities to extend the scope of these services so that no part of the community is excluded. The bid is being prepared by a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation to be made up of local volunteers and much work has already been undertaken including an extensive consultation with residents and other stake holders including schools, community groups, sports clubs and other nearby providers of community activities and services. The primary objective is to improve the social wellbeing of local residents and given the high indices of deprivation experienced in the area within which the Hub is situated, it is important to provide a space that encourages everyone to feel a part of a community. We will also ensure that new services augment those of other local providers so that the whole local area benefits from this investment.   The new building design will be determined through our community consultation, but at a minimum it should accommodate flexible activity spaces, a kitchen with servery, storage for various community groups, ample outside space for gardening club and must feature ultra-low running costs through the highest attainable eco-design and energy efficiency. 

This page will be updated regularly as the project progresses. 

Renderings of potential new building designs

Have Your Say

We are talking to individuals, community groups, retirement homes, sports clubs, and local schools to include as many residents as we can in a primary consultation. We are also asking the Village Centre for input to our plans as they already deliver many essential community services alongside the Hub, and it is part of our goal to dovetail any new facilities, activities and opening hours with theirs.

Please spare a few minutes to answer 9 simple questions online to let us know what you think.