Our Story

In October 2012 the ribbon was cut, officially opening The Hub in Englefield Green!

Once a thriving British Legion club established in 1950, it had become clear that it was time for a new chapter for the community hall. Members of the Journey Church heard about the space and they started to imagine what might be possible. They considered how the British Legion club might serve the community they love and live in.

The Journey Church had for some time been running activities for local youth as well as serving teas, coffees and custard creams from a gazebo. A building – even one that needed some TLC and serious elbow grease – was definitely an exciting upgrade!

Over the years the Hub has hosted all manner of fun events and activities including community lunches, gardening club, beekeeping club, ceilidh dances, (many) parties, dance clubs, the Honey Bee cafe, a wedding reception, kids clubs, CAB, Spring Fairs, Church gatherings, fireside remembrance, Food Bank, cooking club, cinema club, yoga… take a look our events for what’s going on at the moment!

The Hub has transformed substantially over almost ten years. It is testament to the local people who have been incredibly generous with their time, effort and resources. These wonderful people have left their mark and without them the Hub would not be the place it is today. The Hub is truly indebted to them as well as to the organisations and agencies who have given their support and trust.

In June 2017 the Hub received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – truly an outstanding recognition of the exceptional efforts of its dedicated volunteers.


Covid-19 has been a interesting and challenging time for the Hub, not least financially, but the community also had the pleasure of serving and joining in the efforts of a broader community through Mutual Aid. By connecting with lots new people via social media the Hub remained relevant and many of its most popular clubs moved online! As 2021 began many of the Hub’s clubs returned, with the gardening and bee-keeping clubs developing and growing.

There are exciting plans for the Hub in the next stage of the journey, and would love you to join in as we look forward to the future – come and say hello!

Do find out about volunteering or supporting us if you’d like to consider giving towards and supporting our future work, and check out our venue for your upcoming events!

Our Vision

We want to see all kinds of people gathering together from across the village and beyond. We want to establish a place where our community will thrive and where the community can join in, have fun, and learn. We want to see people developing meaningful friendships in a thriving village community, and wish to cultivate an environment of wholehearted care for our community in genuine partnership with our neighbours and nature.

Our Values


We believe that when people gather, good stuff happens. Everything we do is the result of this! We wholeheartedly believe that the gathering at the Hub cultivates friendship, creates spaces to learn and grow, and presents opportunities to have fun while participating in a caring community.

Life worth living

People are valuable. We are an environment of acceptance, kindness, care, encouragement, hospitality, hope and generosity. The Hub is a place where anyone can feel at home and join in. We want everyone who walks through our door to be noticed. Everyone is welcome!

Care and respect for the natural world

We place a high value on nature. We believe that by interacting with animal and plant life we contribute to the wider ecosystem in a positive way. Getting our hands dirty gives our community a deeper connection with nature and the world around us.

We seek to move towards sustainable practices. In every aspect of our work we are mindful of the resources we use, because we only have one planet.

Local friendship and partnership

We live in a place where all kinds of people are doing amazing, life-giving, creative things. We want to be open with the resources we have, support others, and collaborate in friendship with other local bodies and individuals. We welcome anyone with the same heart to join in with us!